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GREEN Energy Partners, LLC (GEP) is a US-based solar development company with a focus on commercial and utility scale projects throughout North America. GEP’s mission is helping clients realize savings through the production of clean energy while additionally reducing their carbon footprint.

Commercial Projects & Schools
GEP delivers solutions for educational institutions as well as small and large commercial corporations. We are committed to providing cost-competitive, cleaner energy to our customers with exceptional service. With no upfront investment from our clients, GEP works hand in hand developing and constructing first class solar facilities. By working with GEP to fix your volatile energy prices, our clients put in place a strong hedge against future energy price fluctuations. By diversifying their energy portfolio with solar electricity, GEP’s clients exercise greater control over their procurement strategies while protecting against embedded corporate liabilities and aligning themselves with sustainable corporate governance strategies.
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Utility Scale Projects
GEP partners with Government entities and utility companies across North America helping lower electricity costs and generating power using clean energy. Through GEP’s service agreement, federal, state and municipal organizations benefit from a custom built solar facility and a stream of cost-assured energy for the next twenty years. By saving money and mitigating uncertain electricity costs into the future, clients can focus resources on other operational objectives while realizing superior solar electricity production through our solar facilities.
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